Designed by oyster farmers for oyster farmers

BST Oyster Supplies manufacture and supply the complete range of products required for the Adjustable Long Line System. All of our products are designed with the environment in mind. The products are UV stabilised and can be fully recycled.

Product Image Description
5mm Bayco Wire 5mm Bayco Wire, 525 metre rolls, suitable for line construction
4mm Bayco Wire 4mm Bayco Wire, white, 625 metre rolls, suitable for basket construction
5mm Bayco Wire 6mm Bayco Wire, for heavy duty line construction.
cable ties Cable Ties. Various sizes, UV rated.
End cap 6mm End Caps. 12mm & 6mm, to suit BST Inter-Lock Mesh.
Line clips Line clips in 9mm, 10.5mm, Old Style.
T-Clip & Pin T Clips 9mm & 10.5/8mm
Post Riser 4006 Post Riser 4006
Post Riser Old Style Post Risers
ST Riser ST Risers
EC Riser E C Risers to suit End Cap Across the line style
Nail Gun with adaptor Nail Gun with adaptor to suit risers
Galvanised nails Stainless Steel Nails
(coils to suit nail gun)
Galvanised nails Galvanised Nails
(coils to suit nail gun)
instruction cd Instructional DVD
Dripper Tube 9mm Dripper 500 metres
Dripper Tube 10.8mm Dripper 500 metres
Wire Grips Klein Wire Grips for line tensioning
Tray Mesh Tray Mesh, 6mm, 10mm, 16mm & 20mm. Rolls of 30m × 915m wide.
BNA 3mm Soft Net BNA Soft Net stocking mesh.
1.5mm X 150mm wide X 100 Mtrs
3.0mm X 150mm wide X 100 Mtrs
3.0mm X 270mm wide X 150 Mtrs
6.0mm X 240mm wide X 150 Mtrs
Flat mesh BST Inter-Lock Basket Mesh 6mm, 12mm and 17mm
AC Adaptor AC Adaptor to suit any basket and clip.


Stainless Steel Clouts, Marine Grade / Kg.
Shank 40mm Twist Shank.
Shank 30mm Twist Shank.